Youtiao (Chinese Fried Dough)

Youtiao (Chinese Fried Dough), by

Youtiao (油条), also known as Chinese fried dough or Chinese crullers, is a breakfast favorite in China. The Cantonese dialect has an even better name: yàuhjagwái (油炸鬼), which literally translates to “oil-fried-devil” (or ghost). I am sure there is an elaborate old folktale behind this crazy name, but ultimately, youtiao don’t really need much introduction. Very few people can resist […]

Moo Shu Pork

Moo Shu Pork, by

I know what you’re wondering. Hey, Judy, are you sure this is Moo Shu Pork? Where are the pancakes?! Well, I’m here to break the news to you. This is what Moo Shu Pork (木樨肉) actually looks like. I included its Chinese name so you know I’m not making it up. Trust me, I was equally […]

Shanghai Wonton Soup

Shanghai Wonton Soup, by

If you ask a Shanghainese person what their favorite breakfast or afternoon snack is, it’s probably going to be a steaming bowl of xiao hun tun, or “little” wonton soup (小馄饨). Most of you have probably never seen these before, because they’re typically only found in Shanghai and surrounding areas. Growing up, a bowl of Shanghai wonton […]

Young Chow Fried Rice

Young Chow Fried Rice, by

Young Chow fried rice (AKA Yung Chow fried rice or Yeung Chow fried rice) is actually a dish that originated from the city of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. Early Chinese restaurant owners had to translate the name of the dish in their own dialect to the English spelled words, so we now find ourselves eating […]

Focaccia, Three Ways

Focaccia, Three Ways, by

While in Italy, we were introduced to the two- or three-ingredient simplicity of an Italian sandwich. In Tuscany, we ended up in a medieval town called San Gimignano. It was a last-minute tour that our cousin Kim had booked. While I usually dislike tour groups (see here for full demonstration of said dislike), this actually […]

The Gelato Pact: Florence and Rome

Monti, Rome

It was the fourth leg of our trip. After traversing Munich, Prague, and Greece, we were headed for our next two stops, Florence and Rome. Having been to Italy once before, Kaitlin and I decided to make a pact with our cousin Kim for the duration of our stay. The terms were simple. The minute we […]

Elvis French Toast

Elvis French Toast, by

This Elvis French toast recipe has all the ingredients loved by the King of Rock n’ Roll: peanut butter, banana, and bacon–and yes, it gets even more decadent when you top it all off with a little powdered sugar, maple syrup, and maybe a little whipped cream—just to make sure this brunch dish is just […]