Chicken with Garlic Sauce

Chicken with Garlic Sauce, by

Okay, first of all, let’s not mistake this dish with what’s on your Chinese takeout menu. This is about 99 times better. Trust me on this. Secondly, winter bamboo is in season. You can now find them in your local Asian market. They are somewhat expensive (prices range from $3 – $6 per pound), as […]

Super Bowl Snacks and Noms

Homemade Egg Rolls, by

The Super Bowl is soon upon us! If you’re planning your game night menu for a party or just for a night in with the family, start here for some way-above-average game-time munchies! The Macau Pork Chop Bun The glory that is this pork chop bun is the first thing that came to mind when […]

Roasted Braised Duck

Roasted Braised Duck, by

This roasted braised duck recipe is so good. With a few special ingredients and a little time, you’ll have an amazing, special dinner on your hands. After living in Beijing for three years, I’ve had many versions of Peking Duck, and I can honestly say that I’m not that crazy about it. How can I […]

Bringing Up Barley: The Puppy Chronicles

Bringing Up Barley

Hey Woks of Life Readers, Sarah here. Today, we’re officially introducing you to Barley, our new puppy who will (hopefully) become the perfect dog. We have our hopes. We have our doubts. But mostly, we have biodegradable poop bags and a 32 oz. bottle of Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. If you have no interest […]

Tiger Skin Peppers

Tiger Skin Peppers, by

Tiger skin peppers or hu pi jian jiao (虎皮尖椒) is a popular Sichuan dish. The name comes from the color of the peppers after they’ve been seared in a hot wok, which resembles a tiger’s coat. Some imagination may be required but it’s a cool name and a very tasty and addictive dish for spicy food lovers. […]