How to Steam Food: 3 Ways to Set Up a Steamer
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Simple tips on how to steam food, from vegetables or proteins to buns, dumplings, & desserts––even without special equipment. Here are 3 ways to do it.
Recipe type: Chinese Steaming
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: varies
  • Steamer Set-up #1: A Pot (or Wok) with Lid and Heat-proof Dish
  • A pot or wok with a lid
  • A heat-proof dish that can fit inside the wok or pot
  • Something to prop up the dish above the water, like a metal steam rack or a clean metal can
  • Steamer Set-up #2: A Stainless Steel Steamer
  • Steamer Set-up #3: A Bamboo Steamer
  1. Select your favorite method of steaming depending upon what you have on hand in your kitchen arsenal
  2. Select your favorite steamed dish
  3. Cook and enjoy!
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